Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Geothermal Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area

We provide Geothermal Drilling in Chester County PA, Frazer/Malvern PA, and Southeastern PA areas, including Open Loop and Closed Loop Drilling. We serve Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Municipal/Government customers in Chester County PA as well as Berks, Montgomery & Chester County, PA.

Why Geothermal Drilling?

Below the surface of the earth, the ground is warmer than outside air in the winter but cooler than outside air in the summer (around a constant 55 degrees all year). When using a Geothermal Heat Pump to heat your building in the winter, the heat is not being "created", but instead is simply transported from underground, so there's no need for a fuel source. In the summer, the Geothermal system can be used to cool your building by removing the heat from the hot air.

There are two methods of Geothermal Drilling: Open Loop (or "Pump and Dump") and Closed Loop.

Open Loop Geothermal Drilling

The Open Loop Geothermal system uses your home's water well and pump to provide water for the system's operation. The chilled or warmed water (depending on heating or cooling operation) is then discharged into a second well on the property, where it re-enters the water aquifer and is restored to its original temperature.

Geothermal Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Geothermal Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Closed Loop Geothermal Drilling

A Closed Loop Geothermal system consists of one or more vertical well shafts, into which a loop of polyethylene tubing has been installed. A safe heat transfer solution, typically glycol, is then circulated through the pipe, where it is warmed or cooled by the earth. Though more costly, the Closed Loop approach is considered the "Risk Free, Worry Free," approach, since the quantity and quality of the well water is a non-factor.

Which Geothermal Drilling Method is Right for Me?

Several factors are used to decide which approach is best suited for your home or commercial building, such as your need for a water well on the property for domestic water use, the quantity (gallons per minute) of water the well produces, the water quality, and other variables.

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The professionals at Keyes Inc. are knowledgeable in both Closed Loop and Open Loop Geothermal Drilling, and we can help you to make the best decision for your Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Berks County, PA home or business geothermal drilling needs. We are certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA), a requirement for some governmental assistance programs.

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