Water Filter and Softener Systems

Water Filters & Treatment in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Water Filters & Treatment in Malvern & Chester County PA Area

We provide Water Filters and Water Treatment & Filtration Systems in Chester County PA, Frazer/Malvern PA, and Southeastern PA areas, including Berks, Delaware & Montgomery County PA. We serve Residential, Commercial and Municipal clients. Our Water Filtration System services include Installation, Service and Repair of Water Conditioners, Water Softeners, UV Water Purifiers, and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems. We also provide Well Water Testing Services.

Water Quality Issues in Chester County PA Areas

The most common water quality issues facing homeowners and business owners with private water wells in Montgomery, Delaware, Berks and Chester County PA are excessive iron, excessive hardness/calcium, and high acid levels (low pH). These issues are generally not harmful to people and animals. However, they cause aesthetic problems around the home by staining and spotting on clothing, toilet bowls, sinks and showers. Hard water affects soap lathering, requiring you to use extra soap and shampoo. Iron and hard water can also damage water heaters and dishwashers. Thomas G. Keyes, Inc. can install a water softener (water conditioner) to remove high levels of iron and hardness from water, and an acid neutralizer to raise the water pH level.

Water Filters & Treatment in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Water Filters & Treatment in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
A health issue that can face private well owners in the Chester County PA area is coliform bacteria. This is rare in deeper wells, and occurs more often in older shallow wells and springhouses. Thomas G. Keyes, Inc. can help solve water bacteria issues by installing an ultraviolet (UV) light water purification system on the water supply line or by using a chemical feed pump which injects a chlorine solution into the water supply system.

Unlike some water filter companies, Thomas G. Keyes, Inc. will not use gimmicks or scare tactics to sell you overpriced and/or unnecessary water treatment equipment. Keyes, Inc.'s water professionals will carefully sample your water, test it, and select the proper equipment for your home or commercial water needs.

Water Filter & Conditioning System Products

Water Filters & Treatment in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Water Filters & Treatment in Malvern & Chester County PA Area

Iron Neutralizer - Iron Removal FE Series

The FE Filter Series will reduce the orange/brown stains caused by iron concentrations greater than 0.3 parts per million (ppm). The iron filters that Thomas G. Keys, Inc. installs uses a unique media called "birm". Birm is a very efficient iron reduction media that acts as a catalyst to remove the iron from the water supply. This media requires only a back washing cycle to clean the filter bed, which eliminates the use of regeneration chemicals. We recommend the installation of a softener after the FE Filter Series to guarantee total removal, or check with us about combination units available.

Turbidity - Turbidity Removal MM Series

The MM Filter Series is designed to reduce turbidity particles down to a size 10 of microns or greater. The media used in the MM Filters require a simple back washing cycle to clean the filter bed. The MM Filter Series units eliminate the need for costly cartridge replacements used in inline cartridge filters.

Chlorine - Taste Removal AC Series

The AC Filter Series will eliminate unpleasant chlorine taste and odor found in some Chester County PA area municipal and well water supplies. The AC filters use a high capacity Bituminous based Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) which removes chlorine for years. The AC Filters will make your entire home or business chlorine free without costly filter cartridge replacements.

Low pH - Neutralizer AN Series

The AN Filter Series will eliminate the blue/green stains caused by acid water (with a pH of 5.6 to 6.9). The corrosive water is neutralized when it passes through calcium and magnesium based media called "Calcite" or "NS Mix". The media must be added to the unit at least once a year. Thomas G. Keyes, Inc. makes this job easy with our dome plug feature. Increasing pH also increases hardness, so we recommend installing a softener after the neutralizer to remove increased hardness.

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