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Well Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Well Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area

We provide Well Drilling & Well Construction in Chester County PA, Malvern/Frazer PA, and Southeastern PA areas, including Delaware, Montgomery & Berks County PA. We serve Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Municipal/Government customers. You can rely on the dedicated and skilled professionals at Thomas G. Keyes Inc. to provide you with exceptional water well drilling services. Trust us for your all your well drilling projects; we are fully licensed and insured, and we have been providing well services since 1945.

Knowledge of an area's geology and possible challenges to drilling is an essential element in successful water well drilling. We are very familiar with the soil and rock conditions in Chester County PA and surrounding Southeastern Pennsylvania areas, as we have drilled thousands of wells for homes and businesses in Southeastern PA since 1945.

Well Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area
Well Drilling in Malvern & Chester County PA Area

Top Water Well Drilling Contractor in the Chester County PA Area Since 1945

Proper construction of water wells is essential, and required by regulations. Well drilling is licensed by states and some local counties, and Keyes Inc. is properly licensed and insured to meet the demands of these important standards. Our crews are trained in all phases of well construction, and are equipped to handle conditions that can unexpectedly arise when dealing with geologic formations.

Following is a brief introduction as to how a residential well is constructed:

  1. A 10" hole is drilled through the overburden (dirt and loose rock) and into the top 5' to 10' of the solid bedrock formation.
  2. A 6" steel or PVC plastic casing is inserted into the hole and grouted with bentonite clay and/or cement into the solid rock. This casing and grout prevents surface water from entering into the deeper water-bearing rock formations.
  3. A 6" drill bit is then inserted inside the casing, lowered to the bottom, and drilled into the rock formations below. As we drill, we intersect small cracks and fractures in the rock formations which hold water. This water collects in the void created by drilling, forming a storage area for the water. The yield of a well is measured in gallons per minute (gpm).
  4. A submersible pump is inserted down the well, providing a safe supply of water for your family!

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